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"Little Mermaid Syndrome"


How are you supposed to make friends when you're an adult? How do you tell someone you like them?  If Disney was all a lie, what should a self-respecting adult woman model her behavior on?

Little Mermaid Syndrome premiered at the 54 Below inaugural Concert Lab (accompanied by Cynthia Meng) to the delight of audiences and panelists:


“Yaaaaaasssss voiiiiice!”

The show was later developed into a full-length cabaret, devised by Deborah Berenson with music direction by Nicholas Connors



Baggage is a semi-autobiographical cabaret show, devised and performed by Deborah Berenson with music direction by Tom Carradine.

You're in your 20s and people around you are starting to figure their lives out.  But you're still holding on to all the crap you can't leave behind:

heartbreak, missed opportunities, fear

What better time than now to explore that pain (through song, darling!) and turn it into action?!

Baggage played 3 performances at the Battersea Barge, London, to sold-out audiences.

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